Friday, February 19, 2016

Freedom of Speech

I have had a very long break from my blog. I could make many excuses, but I won't. The fact is an evil bitch from hell tried to use my blog against someone I love. The result is I stopped blogging. End of story. 

Except it isn't the end of the story. I stopped blogging because someone (not the evil bitch from hell) make me feel guilty. I felt embarrassed for my honesty. I have spent lots of time thinking about it. The truth is blogging is a way to get out my emotions in a non-harmful way. I live with thoughts rolling around in my head all the time. If I don't get them out, they tend to cripple me emotionally. I used this blog to deal with lots of feelings I was having. The problem is, most of the problems I've had the last two years, I can't blog about. It isn't appropriate. This is mainly because in the past, I was able to purge and gripe anonymously. Usually only the person I was writing about knew I was talking about them. Now everyone would know exactly who I'm talking about if I let loose about what I really feel.

The funny thing about the use of my blogs to hurt, is that none of the blogs in question were even referring to that particular person they were trying to injure. Evil minds, however will find what they will and twist it to suit their own nefarious purposes. Its usually those people guilty of the worst deeds that will cast their own shadows onto others, so no one will see what they are really are. 

Now to the point of this blog.

This world that we live in has so many people casting the blame on others for their own failings. We are a society who would rather blame others for everything that is wrong than to stand up and take ownership for their own actions. It makes me sad. 

One person is not responsible for all of the world's problems. We all as a society are the problem. Our inaction or complacency allow the status quo to continue. "I don't have time." "It won't make any difference." "That is someone else's problem." "It doesn't affect me, so why should I care?" 

There is a question. "Why should you care?" You should care because it affects someone. It may affect your parents, your siblings, your kids, you friends even if it doesn't affect you. I'm sorry, I care about general human suffering. I have supported gay marriage as long as I've know it is an issue. It doesn't affect me personally, but it does affect many of my friends. So I advocate for equal rights for gays, lesbians, transgenders, et al. Just because it isn't a personal issue for you doesn't mean you should ignore it. I believe in equal rights for all humans regardless of sexuality or religious beliefs.

I'm sorry if my honest offends. Really I am. But we live in a country where we all have freedom of speech. That means I can say what I want, and you can say what you want. You don't have to like it. You don't even have to listen. You do have to allow me my own beliefs. And I will respect yours even if I don't agree with you. That is what is go great about our country.  Different isn't wrong. It's different. 

Here's a toast to Freedom of Speech. 

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